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What if…?
· You could hire a professional and make more money off the sale of your home than selling it “FSBO”?

· You could hire a professional and sell your home faster than selling it “FSBO”?

Did you know…?
· As a “FSBO” you still have to pay a 3% commission to the agent who represents the buyer?

· Buyers expect to get a deal from “FSBO’s” because they know you’re not paying a commission.

Are you prepared…?
· To pay for the approximately 17 expenses and fees throughout your transaction?

· To review and react to the approximately 6 types of inspections that may be conducted?

As a former FSBO, I understand how hard it can be to sell your home by yourself. And now as a licensed agent, I want to use what I learned to help you sell your home. Please call me for a no obligation consultation. I am happy to assist you with the sale of your home and answer any questions you may have.
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